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Shaping the Future ..

Shaping the Future ..

Rua Al Madinah Holding, an icon of development and a symbol of evolution

Million Visitors

are targeted to visit Madinah by year 2030.

Billion Riyals

paid-up capital.

Thousands Job

opportunities by year 2030.

Billion Riyals

total value of the company's projects after development.

Our Holding

Rua Al Madinah Holding Company, a key entity under the Public Investment Fund known for its pivotal role in real estate development and investment initiatives. Its focus lies in modern urban planning and the execution of diverse, comprehensive projects aimed at elevating Madinah’s stature as a destination with a contemporary architectural landscape. Leading modern infrastructure, Rua Al Madinah Holding will work on current and future projects to develop a hotel and commercial system. It also aims to establish cultural, entertainment, and religious museums near the Prophet’s Mosque, facilitating the accommodation of 30 million visitors to Madinah by 2030.

Rua Al Madinah Project

Rua Al Madinah Project is a comprehensive hotel and commercial system with modern infrastructure. It aims to redefine Madinah's hospitality and real estate investment landscape.

Rua Al Madinah Holding Secures Mostadam” Diamond Certification.

The certification has been granted to Rua Al Madinah Holding after meeting all the requirements of Rua Al Madinah project. Through adherence to various aspects, encompassing site features, community involvement, well-being, and the sustainable use of water and energy resources.