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Rua Al Madinah Holding

Rua Al Madinah Holding Company, a key entity under the Public Investment Fund known for its pivotal role in real estate development and investment initiatives, was established by Royal Decree No. (23441) on 05/01/1438. Its focus lies in modern urban planning and the execution of diverse, comprehensive projects aimed at elevating Madinah’s stature as a destination with a contemporary architectural landscape. Leading modern infrastructure, Rua Al Madinah Holding will work on current and future projects to develop a hotel and commercial system. It also aims to establish cultural, entertainment, and religious museums near the Prophet’s Mosque, facilitating the accommodation of 30 million visitors to Madinah by 2030. 

The goal is to offer an enriching and unique experience, making their visit exceptional in content and outstanding in programs, thereby solidifying Madinah’s significance in their hearts and among their peers as ambassadors of their countries. Aligned with the Public Investment Fund, Hajj & Umrah, and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, the company seeks to advance Madinah’s hospitality and real estate investment sector to international standards. By inviting local and international investments, it aims to attract industry leaders and top brands, enhancing services for visitors while fostering sustainable green environments and a modern lifestyle for residents. Concurrently, the company strives to drive economic development in Madinah, providing tens of thousands of job opportunities for the local populace.


To be the leading real estate company elevating Madinah to a global destination known for its high quality of life and rich cultural experiences .


To enrich Madinah’s visitor experience through sustainable projects contributing to the national socio-economic objectives.


Urban Transformation

A Modern, Efficient, and Sustainable Destination.

Socio-economic Growth

A Strong and Diverse Socio-economic Footprint.

Financial Sustainability

Create Long-term Commercial & Financial Sustainability.

Organizational Excellence

Become a World-class Company to Deliver Long-term Value.

Mostadam Award

Rua Al Madinah Holding has achieved the prestigious Mostadam diamond-level certificate, a recognition earned by the “Rua Al Madinah” project with meeting all criteria aspects. These encompass location features, community integration, well-being, and sustainable management of water and energy resources. The company’s commitment to raising awareness and educating both internal and external stakeholders about the benefits of sustainability and innovation played a crucial role. Furthermore, it excelled in the sustainable operation and preservation of buildings.

Mostadam certificate is affiliated with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, focusing on delivering services and solutions that enhance the quality of residential construction. It verifies the excellence of construction work and establishes mechanisms for evaluating buildings to ensure compliance with environmental sustainability standards.