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June 2, 2024: Rua Al Madinah Holding signed a memorandum of understanding with the Project Management Institute to boost the proficiency of the company’s workforce in project management by providing vital knowledge, comprehensive training, and requisite qualifications.

This took place during the company’s participation in the Global Project Management Forum 2024, held this year under the slogan “Achieving the Dream: Leadership, Empowerment, Sustainability,” sponsored by His Excellency the Minister of Transport and Logistic Services, Eng. Saleh Al-Jasser. The third edition of the forum was held at the Fairmont Hotel in the capital, Riyadh.

The memorandum, which includes a broad spectrum of topics ranging from social, scientific, knowledge-based, artistic, cultural, and advisory, aims to elevate the capabilities of Rua Al Madinah Holding’s employees in project management. It strategically promotes specialized training courses and fosters robust communication across various professional development platforms both locally and globally, facilitating participation in pertinent events, and enhancing knowledge transfer through reciprocal field visits.

Key elements of the memorandum include the development of specialized training modules, support for raising awareness and operational efficiency among employees, and the establishment of workshops, scientific conferences, forums, and seminars on both a local and international scale. A meticulous framework for these joint activities has been set, adhering to agreed-upon standards and specifications, with regular updates and enhancements planned, thereby reinforcing the collaborative efforts and media support for the Global Project Management Forum’s activities.

On this occasion, CEO, Engineer Ahmad W. Al Juhani, stated: “We are pleased today with this fruitful cooperation with the Project Management Institute, which will contribute to honing the skills and capabilities of our employees in project management and enhancing the level of training and qualification. As we sign this distinguished MOU with the Project Management Institute, we affirm the company’s strategic approach to developing the skills of its employees in all fields and at all levels to achieve its strategic goals.”

The Global Project Management Forum is one of the important events and initiatives organized by the Project Management Institute – KSA; it gathers among its halls a selection of top speakers, project managers, decision-makers, and prominent professionals and thought leaders in the field of project management, who enrich its activities with many discussion panels, presentations, and advanced courses. The forum also targets addressing the latest trends and topics in the project management system, including emerging technologies and innovation to stimulate project managers to excel in their fields.

It is noted that Rua Al Madinah Holding, one of the Public Investment Fund’s companies in the real estate development and investment sector, is concerned with modern urban planning and developing diverse and comprehensive developmental and investment projects in Madinah; through its existing projects in the area near the Prophet’s Mosque, it aims to facilitate hosting 30 million visitors to Madinah by 2030, enriching their religious journey and cultural experience; contributing to the goals of the Public Investment Fund and Saudi Vision 2030.