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Rua Al Madinah Holding, a subsidiary of Public Investment Fund, announced the opening of an additional extension of King Faisal Road – Al-Safiyah Bridge to traffic, until the completion of the infrastructure works in Rua Al Madinah project, which is being implemented near the Prophet’s Mosque, in cooperation with a number of government entities.

It is planned that this additional extension will serve those heading to the Prophet’s Mosque from the residents and visitors of Madinah coming from various directions, including the Al-Awali Road and Al-Safiyah Bridge and the Emirate house, with the tunnel of Ali ibn Abi Talib Road serving those coming from the Al-Awali Road and Al-Awali neighborhood, contributing to achieving the smooth flow of traffic, enhancing its efficiency, and alleviating congestion, especially during the blessed month of Ramadan, which witnesses a large turnout of visitors and pilgrims.

King Faisal Road additional extension is considered one of the outputs of the infrastructure works of Rua Al Madinah project after Amida Road, which was the first road to be inaugurated within the project, in addition to the Ali ibn Abi Talib Road tunnel, which was opened several months ago, facilitating the access to the Prophet’s Mosque, as the tunnel connected the southern side of the central area to the Al-Awali area.

It is worth mentioning that Rua Al Madinah project aims to enhance the services provided to Madinah visitors and enrich their visiting experience, relying on modern urban planning, comprehensive development concepts, and advanced infrastructure, which necessitates the creation of some modifications to the roads adjacent to the project area.