About Us

Initiated and fully owned by the Public Investment Fund, RUA Al Madinah Holding is dedicated to achieving the National Transformation Program of the Vision 2030.

Ownership and Business Activity

With assets, gross development turnover of more than 120 billion Saudi Riyals, our mega projects in the holy city of Al Madinah Al Munawarah will orchestrate and deliver experiences that shall be the epitome of a spiritual experience. These include the RUA Al Madinah Project in the east wing of the Holy Prophet Mosque, which exhibits our keen efforts towards a development roadmap for the Kingdom as a whole.

Distinctly Ambitious

With all due respect and attention to the heritage of the spiritual city of Madinah, RUA Al Madinah Holding differentiates based on ambitious ideas for its projects. The Company has adopted a framework that reflects upon religious, cultural, recreational and investment aspects within its projects.

Creating a modern lifestyle, paving social balance and maintaining sustainability are our driving goals towards creating harmony with a better tomorrow.

Enriching Visitor Experience

RUA Holding Company seeks to raise the capacity for receiving and welcoming more guests and visitors to the Prophet’s mosque. We also aim to enrich their religious journey and cultural experience through an integrated system of projects that incorporate hospitality, commercial, residential, cultural and religious aspects.


To elevate Madinah by enhancing the quality of life through modern urban planning and comprehensive development projects.


We aim to develop pioneering projects that highlight Madinah as a modern Islamic and cultural destination.

Chairman Message

Eng Mohammed AlKhalil

Based on Vision 2030 and the Kingdom’s journey towards the development and empowerment of its economy, “RUA Al Madinah Holding” devotes itself to be an extension of unprecedented progress in the Kingdom in various sectors. Under the unlimited support of the Public Investment Fund “PIF”, we are contributing to the readiness of Al Madinah to receive more visitors and driving transformation in the kingdom towards achieving economic development in accordance with the objectives of Vision 2030.

Thus, “RUA Al Madinah Holding” is seeking to serve the pilgrims and provide an enhanced hospitality experience to the pilgrims and residents in Al Madinah alike. We are working to make the name “RUA Al Madinah” a milestone in sustainable development. Efforts are being exerted keeping in mind the holiness of the place and conforming to the international standards in the real estate sector.

For that, we have initiated projects that shall have unmatched success potential and shall emerge to create a better future. We continue to place our efforts and expertise to develop innovative real estate initiatives and aim towards cultural enrichment to deepen the religious and spiritual experience for visitors of Al Madinah Al Munawarah. We proudly combine that experience with new lifestyle experiences in the city of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) through hospitality, commercial, residential developments.

With our projects, we are creating more job opportunities and embracing the competencies of our Saudi youth while opening the doors to new investment opportunities as well. This would increase the GDP, enable a viable economy. We cumulate all efforts in achieving these high goals and aspirations made by our government serving the two holy cities and honoring their visitors.


CEO Message

At Rua Al Madinah Holding, we will be working with industry expert to make a difference in the development which Madinah deserves. We are honored to be working closely with all public and private stakeholders and the residents of Madinah to enrich the experience of the visitors from all over the world.

Rua Al Madinah Holding will enhance the efficiency of the infrastructure to accommodate our visitors and elevates the quality of life through it’s modern projects blended with Madinah’s heritage.

Eng. Ahmad AL Juhani
Chief Executive Officer