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rua almadinah Holding
Initiated and fully owned by the Public Investment Fund, RUA Al Madinah Holding is dedicated to achieving the National Transformation Program of the Vision 2030.

To represent outstanding projects created to actively contribute to the realization of Vision 2030 and to enhance the heritage and status of the Holy city of Al Madinah. And lastly, to enrich visitor experiences by achieving state-of-the-art developments.

RAM-H shall strive to be a highly reputable Master Developer/Developer in Madinah who delivers distinctive quality products, and aims at successfully meeting our customers’ requirements and Kingdom’s aspirations


Based on Vision 2030 and the Kingdom’s journey towards the development and empowerment of its economy, “RUA Al Madinah Holding” devotes itself to be an extension of unprecedented progress in the Kingdom in various sectors. Under the unlimited support of the Public Investment Fund “PIF”, we are contributing in the readiness of Al Madinah to receive more visitors and driving transformation in the kingdom towards achieving economic development in accordance with the objectives of Vision 2030.
Thus, “RUA Al Madinah Holding” is seeking to serve the pilgrims and provide an enhanced hospitality experience to the pilgrims and residents in Al Madinah alike. We are working to make the name “RUA Al Madinah” a milestone in sustainable development. Efforts are being exerted keeping in mind the holiness of the place and conforming to the international standards in the real estate sector.

Eng Mohammed Al-Khalil


Mohammed AlKhalil
Eng.Mohammed Al-Khalil
naif al Hamdan
Nayef Al-Hamdan
Vice Chairman
Mahmoud Abdul hadi
Mahmoud Abdulhadi
Board Member
Khalid AlGhalib
Khalid Al Ghalib
Board Member
Fahd AlHathloul
Fahd Al-Hathloul
Board Member
Fahad Al Mojil
Fahad Al Mojil
Board Member
Salem Al Shahrani
Salem Al-Shahrani
Board Member
Haitham Al Ghannam
Haitham Al-Ghannam
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Fayez AlAsmari
Fayez Al Asmari
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yousef maimani
Youssef Maimani
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